The Best Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

The Best Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

The Best Corporate Event Entertainment Ideas

Planning corporate event entertainment that is catchy and fun can be challenging. However, there are many options that you can choose from – some of which you may have never contemplated.

We are going to introduce you to some of the best corporate event entertainment ideas available. These ideas range from hiring a public speaker and offering tango all the way to holding a festival or a fashion show during your event.


Public Speaker

Public speakers have the ability to capture the attention of your guests – they can captivate them with their powerful speaking skills. These are the type of speakers that are capable of leading corporate events with thrilling ideas about career, personal topics and the success of your company.

There are many advantages to having a public speaker at your event. You may be the CEO, but it can feel like a breath of fresh air to have your message spoken from a different angle. You see, perspective is tool that holds a lot of power. A public speaker can offer perspective so that your employees get your message in a different light, and that right there can lead to a lot of benefits.



Tango is exciting. The synchronized movements will be sure to keep your guests captivated as they are eye catching. Having tango at an event will open up a special aura. For those guests who aren’t familiar with Tango, you will be introducing them to a whole new world …a world they might just fall in love with.



Regardless of who you are, a festival is a great compliment. At a festival, there’s so much that can be offered. You can have everything from musicians and juggling tambourines to elegant dancers and capoeira. Honestly, the sky is the limit when it comes to festivals. If you’d like to take it up a notch, you could hold a raffle during the festival.


Show and Band

Performances Have you ever attended an event where there’s a band performing? Music filling the atmosphere, regardless of the event, is a great way to keep your guests entertained. You can speak with the band before hiring them to make sure they can play the type of music you want at the event.


Fashion Show

How about holding a little fashion show at your next corporate event? The fashion show can be injected into either your opening or closing. The extravagant costumes will have the crowd in awe. If you’re wondering if the fashion show can fit in with your theme, don’t worry about that, because you can design the fashion show to fit in with a variety of themes.


Mindfulness Meditation with a Public Speaker

A mindfulness meditation with a public speaker will enhance your corporate event. A mindfulness meditation will last up to 30 minutes and is a great way to relax participants. This is done in a quiet room – all you need is comfortable seating and an activity leader. You can hire a professional yoga instructor or a meditation teacher to lead your guests through the exercise.

For seating, yoga mats, floor cushions, and blankets would do the trick. Alternatively, you could choose a walking mindfulness meditation, which would keep your guests on their feet.


La Hora Loca

La Hora Loca literally means “The Crazy Hour.” When the sirens start to sound or the music changes its tune, this is a signal that La Hora Loca is about to take place. La Hora Loca is a great way to get your guests moving around as it adds a whole lot of excitement in the air. Once La Hora Loca pops up, people wearing masks with feathers will start dancing around the room. What better way to add excitement in the air?


Salsa Dancing

If you’re not so sure about offering Tango, but you want to offer something along the lines of dancing, how about Salsa? Watching Salsa dancers fill the room will definitely get everyone’s blood pumping.



So there you have it – the best corporate event entertainment ideas. As you see, you have many ideas to choose from. With all of these ideas, you can easily choose something that will make your next corporate event memorable.

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